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I'm joined by Matthew Biggar in this episode. Listen in as we discuss a video, social media, building brand, audiences, and more! Are you interested in how you can leverage video in your business? Then this IS the episode for you. That's his specialty!

Matthew's been using video and teaching others how to use video for years! He's had his own production company and in recent years pivoted and started his own YouTube channel. We discuss playing the long game and building audiences, we touch on analytics, how to tie all your web properties together and so much more. Check it out!

Matthew Biggar

Matthew Biggar has leveraged video in his business from day one and now focuses on training and coaching service-based business leaders to do the same.

After starting a side hustle doing videography while working a full-time job in corporate training, Matt Biggar took the leap and quit his job on Canada’s 150th birthday, July 1st, 2017.

Matthew Biggar has leveraged video in his business from day one and now focuses on training and coaching service-based business leaders to do the same.

In November 2019, Matt launched a YouTube channel and succeeded in growing it to over 1000 subscribers.

If you’d like to leverage video at a higher level no matter what stage you’re at, subscribe to Matts's YouTube channel for a simplistic, jargon-free approach to learning how to use video marketing in your business.


  • How I know Matthew Biggar..
  • Getting to know him.
    • The guy that put his hand up, “yes I can help you.”
    • Helping 1000s of people with their technology and devices.
    • 2017 —> left his job and went out on his own. Took the leap!
      • Started with a side hustle.
      • Videography work for realtors.
    • Starting his YouTube Channel
    • From there teaching people how to do video from a place of simplicity.
    • His latest pivot.. helping businesses leverage video in business!
  • Why he chose to create videos about creating videos.
    • Finding inspiration from other creators and those he learned from.
      • Teaching YouTube ..
      • Teaching how to create video.. marketing.
    • Created his own strategy from that..
  • Using video inside your business for new hires and more!
    • SOPs and video .. instead of repeating yourself.
    • Buying back time.
    • Leveraging video in your sales process.
  • The Start of Our YouTube Discussion!
    • Creating evergreen-style content on YouTube
    • Choosing an audience and the theme
    • Personal Brand vs Business channels
    • Choosing a theme for your channel and building pillars underneath it.
    • What YouTube wants.
    • Know what the goal is for your channel. The outcome.
    • Creating an Avatar for your audience. Knowing the audience you want to attract.
      • The breakthrough video ‘story'.
        • Wasn't thinking about the business audience..
  • The long game..
    • My story about content I've written in the past.. where I wrote a LOT of content and only some pieces would bring in all the traffic and conversions.
  • The evolution of YouTube Analytics
  • Best way to differentiate yourself: Be more persistent and patient than your competitors.
    • The breakthrough takes time..
    • Your first 80-100 videos is you finding your voice..
    • The timeframe that you should be looking at playing the game to win.
  • Building subscribers
    • If you are persistent, you WILL break through.
  • Social Media Platforms
    • Sharing my approach..
    • Active engagement vs a presence on social media platforms.
    • Using social media to build brand..
    • People will look you up.. a client example.
  • The importance of being passionate about your subject matter
    • You will show up different.
  • Clicks and followers as signals.
  • Being intentional with content..
  • I talk to how all my web properties tie in together..
    • Someone that lands on any of my properties.. I can visualize how they might move to another.
  • The importance today of building your personal brand ..
  • The challenge of ‘choosing his niche'
    • Wasn't told ‘how' to do it.
    • If you niche.. what if you miss out on another?
    • Why it really matters!!
  • *Congruence is your compass!

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