Episode 27: Discovering Your Competitive Advantage & Defining What You Do

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In this solo episode, I dig into two topics that, when combined, form a powerful foundation for your marketing and getting more business. The first topic is finding your ‘competitive advantage'. Knowing what sets you apart can play a big role in how you attract business. And sometimes, it's not something you know upfront; sometimes it develops organically as you work with customers or clients.

Then I discuss ‘defining what you do'. You could decide that you are a jack of all trades and do everything and anything. But I'm willing to bet that if you define what you do and limit yourself, you'll do so much better! That doesn't mean you just say ‘no' or don't help that customer or client. That's what strategic partnerships and referral businesses are for!


  • Competitive Advantage
    • Today, is my story and how we discovered one of our competitive advantages.
    • What is a competitive advantage?
    • A recent experience with another agency partnership and our first project together.. highlighted an advantage!
    • Getting business BECAUSE we have a very unique, talent and ability.
      • The experience we have opens up new possibilities.
      • Many of our competitors don't do what we do or have done.. to gain that experience.
    • This can develop or reveal itself over time.
      • Sometimes you learn what it is just by the business you attract. Those Ah-ha moments!
      • Defining your competitive advantage before you know if it's really an advantage in the marketplace.. the cart before the horse.
    • Once you learn it and it's defined, you can now leverage it in your marketing.
  • Defining What You Do
    • How we, as an agency, have defined what we do.
    • Example of an agency we are now working with and their defining what they do and giving other stuff to us..
    • Referring business you don't do to friends in the business.. other experts.
      • Teaming up to help the same client.
    • The challenges of having an in-house design development team.. when you're a marketing agency.
      • Managing one ‘type' of team is better!
    • Easier to channel your energy.. similar to defining a vertical.
      • You will be better if you define what you do. And that can become your advantage!
  • The two topics can complement each other and working together are powerful!
    • Helps with messaging..
    • Combined with a niche/vertical.. BOOM!


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