Episode 21: Building a Podcast | What I’ve Learned & the Benefits I’ve Uncovered So Far!

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An episode about building a podcast on The Builders Podcast… need I say more? As with all the content we talk about on this podcast, I'm talking from the trenches; talking to what I'm doing and have experience with. The past 20 episodes has been a journey. I've learned a number of lessons, have a pretty good feel for what we're doing now, the benefits.. and I'm ready to share my experience so far and some lessons.

Buckle up as I dig into the ‘why'. Why I still am doing solo episodes (like this one) while still doing guests, why I keep things simple (hint: avoiding stress points). I talk to the value I'm getting from having guests.. more importantly the value my listeners get! Also I dispense some lessons.. starting a podcast and keeping it simple. Enjoy!


  • A nod to 20 episodes..
    • I love listening to podcasts.. why not create one
    • Podcasts that inspired me.. or even structured myself after a little.
  • Starting out solo.. the first 10 rule.
  • Then, trialing a guest. Thanks Doland!
  • More guests lined up.. organically.
  • More to come.
  • What am I getting out of it.. why am I still at it?
    • First, I'm enjoying it.. so that's important to me.
      • For longevity, I can't hate something. 😉
    • Solo —> I love sharing my experiences and stories.. always have.
    • Second, guests have been more awesome than I'd have anticipated!
      • We've had some great guests.. people have been eager to jump into the frey.
      • I learned how much I LOVE hearing people's stories.. their journey. It's so interesting to me.
      • It's opened up new avenues to build relationships and network.
      • And the VALUE brought to the table is WAY more than I could provide solo. Obviously.. I'm interviewing people that are dynamic.. deep experience, knowledge.. so much to share beyond what I could do alone.
        • My audience benefits!
    • And I think it's a great ‘marketing' tool for me.. for branding. Personal and my business..
      • I choose to promote my Web Design Agency through the podcast.. maybe I'll monetize it in other ways in the future.
      • But my primary focus is BRINGING VALUE TO MY AUDIENCE. It's about the content first.. not promoting myself.
  • What have I learned?
    • You can do it on a shoestring.. honestly because I was testing the waters first..
    • Avoiding stress points in my business and life. Let's not create another one!
    • I didn't want to invest a lot of time and money into tools and the perfect setup.
      • Simple setup: Camtasia, a Blue Mic.. Zoom.
      • Using a service for distribution.. I use Anchor.
      • I introduced Clipscribe a few episodes back to share clips.
      • Distribution.. just do it. Share, share, share!
      • I post all my episodes on my blog site..
      • I keep it simple.
    • It's not hard to try podcasting.. worse case, you delete it.
      • Doland, my first guest, we went it with the attitude.. whatever happens, happens!
    • The content comes first – don't worry about being perfect or a great speaker yourself.. again, you don't have to be a genius or the next Joe Rogan to do podcasting. I have no idea what I'm doing and I can only guess I'm FAR from perfect at execution. But .. maybe that's more natural and genuine. Maybe that's why it's clicking.
    • Time will tell.. I'm pretty early. From what I've read, it can take a long time, and then things just light up. Who knows! But I'm already benefiting..
    • It's a commitment —> keeping a regular schedule is essential.
    • Leverage your networks! Go to the people you know first.. if you want guests.
      • But you can start solo! And maybe that's a good thing.. it'll be easier to convince a guest to come on with even a small track record.
    • Leverage your experience and knowledge. Someone will find it interesting..
    • Make sure you do have an idea of who your audience is.
  • So we continue.. I'm looking forward to future guests.
    • WE'RE BUILDING A PODCAST … look forward to more updates at the 50th episode and beyond. 🙂


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