Episode 15: Generating Product or Service Ideas .. And Letting them Simmer.

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In this episode, I talk about generating ideas and brainstorming. This is something I take very seriously in my own business. It's a never-ending process… and often ideas simmer for long periods so I can develop them. When they are ready, they may see the light.

I touch on a recent idea that is just now seeing the light of day. It's something that started to gel around a year ago. I thought of a name for a product, bought the domain, have thought about the sales page, how I'll market it and who my audience is; I didn't start developing the product until this past week.


  • Confession – I love coming up with new ideas for products and services.
    • It's a critical part of my business.
    • But these ideas have to lead to ‘taking action'.
  • Brainstorming.. not today. Always.
    • Let your ideas simmer on the stove.
    • Jot them down in your favorite note-taking tool.
      • Use mind-mapping software if you are visual
      • Google Docs, Notion..
  • My newest idea .. is not new.
    • Hanging out at Namecheap.
    • Product name and domain before you do anything.
    • Sales copy .. in your brain before you do anything.
      • What's the hook?
      • Who's your market?
        • Why are they going to buy from you?
      • What's the promotion look like… BEFORE you even have a product.
  • Walking the dog, taking a shower.. thinking about that idea.
  • Days, months.. seasons. Years.
  • Circling back after forgetting about it for a while.
  • Dumping an idea.. keeping an idea.
  • Good idea?
    • Does it still fit?
    • How will it tie into what I'm already doing…
  • Oh.. maybe I should create the product now?


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