Episode 49: Virtual Reality: How VR Will Impact Web Design, Web Dev & Businesses.. Already Is!

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In the first solo episode of the year, Matt talks about Virtual Reality, its impact on web design and businesses. We first learn about one of Matt’s pastimes to set the stage for the topic.. why is he getting into this topic now and why the interest? Then we learn about what VR is and how it relates to AR or mixed reality.

With that foundation, we delve into aspects of VR that will start impacting your own websites or the websites of your clients. Where is it today? You might be surprised to know someone could be looking at your website in virtual reality right now! And where is it headed? In what ways might a business leverage VR to sell more of its products and services?

If you’re a web designer or developer, how might it present itself to you? Do you need to worry about it? Enjoy the episode!


  • Intro
  • The topic of VR in web design – looking towards the future.
  • Even if you don’t use VR, it’s something you’ll think about in the coming years.
    • If you are helping others with websites, especially.
    • Similar transition as moving to responsive websites.. or video.
      • Even if you didn’t use those devices..
  • VR.. AR or Mixed reality .. defining what we’re talking about.
  • Why am I even talking about this topic.. or interested in it?
    • For me it all starts in the context of GAMING. :slight_smile:
      • Merlin..
      • To Apple computers..
      • To Consoles..
      • To Handhelds..
      • To PC Games..
      • To.. VR!
  • I’ve been researching and learning more and more about VR.
    • Way bigger and further along than I imagined..
    • A lot is being invested ..
    • People meet in the virtual world..
      • Meeting, hanging out, concerts.. clubs.
    • More and more VR games popping up..
  • The tech has matured.. I personally think I can get a lot of value out of it.
    • I’m starting with Oculus Quest 2 ..
      • A lot is being developed around this particular headset.. it’s super popular.
    • There are other companies developing or selling headsets..
      • The $8000 headset ..
      • Showcased where we are.
        • Very high resolution..
        • You can’t tell the difference between what was real and what was not.
    • Things will come down in price… and get better.
  • BUSINESS applications .. and thinking about it from the perspective of a web designer/dev.
    • Looking far enough ahead to know where things are headed in your space/industry..
    • My bad experiences not looking far enough ahead.. or not being able to predict that.
      • Google.
  • What we do today – how it can transfer to ‘new technologies’ etc..
    • Same principles, processes and ideas
  • You will have to worry about VR at some stage.. whether you use it or like it. :wink:
  • VR will never be the only way people access sites..
    • Your domain.. is your address. It’s your address everywhere.
    • The PURPOSE of websites doesn’t go away.
    • VR becomes ‘just another thing’
  • Your website will be smart enough to know where it’s being served.
  • Demo’ing VR
    • Imagine a desk in front of you.. virtual desk, monitor.. and you can browse the web (the real web.. pull up Google!)
  • In the Virtual World you can have as many monitors as you want!
    • You create a virtual space to work that’s ideal to your needs .. or desires.
  • YOUR WEBSITE TODAY – Can be seen in the Virtual World – RIGHT NOW
    • You just don’t know it yet. :wink:
  • The early days – what can we imagine for businesses?
    • Physical Offices with VR experiences.
    • Virtual desks and monitors
    • Virtual presentations
    • Interacting with websites in the virtual world..
      • New ways to interact with websites.
      • Clothing website.. try on a t-shirt virtually.
      • Trying Veneers!
      • Mixed reality – seeing a couch IN your living room.
      • Travel websites.. go there first in VR.
  • VR in Calendly someday? !
    • Creating my own virtual office.
    • Preloading the space the help me/us sell!
  • Social Media in virtual reality..
    • You can browse it there..
    • Those sites can offer new VR experiences..
  • Answer ‘real world’ notifications in VR while you’re in there!
  • COWS! ?
    • If they can help cows, what is all possible! ?
    • VR will change that world.
  • The challenges with VR
    • Prices ..
    • Comfort / size needs to see innovation and improvement.. how we interact with it needs to feel good and be unobtrusive.. natural.
    • The learning curve ..
  • In the end, it’s just another thing. A new way to access stuff.
    • Again, comparing it to responsive websites.
    • Nothing to be afraid of.. just be open to it. It’s happening.
    • Sitting back and keeping an eye on the space.
  • The tech will improve and evolve.. and will at some point make sense for yours or someone’s business.
  • It’s just.. something you’re going to do. :wink:
  • You may not need it now – but there will likely be a time.
    • It’s not going to happen overnight or replace everything.
    • Those pitching it pitch it as the end all be all.. but it’s only one thing.
    • And hopefully it’ll be ‘open’.. not just one company involved.
  • For those helping with other people's websites..
    • Use the tech or..
    • At least be able to talk about it.
  • How I envision it happening for me and others.
    • Someone points me… :slight_smile:
    • WordPress – VR plugins ..
    • Integrating INTO things
    • We don’t need to worry about it.. the tools and CMS we use will just introduce it over time.
  • Getting out of the ‘I would never do that’ type of thinking when you’re in business or marketing.
    • Intro of Popups back in ~2004 – example
    • What you think or feel doesn’t matter – numbers matter. The data.
    • Numbers don’t lie.
    • The only way you really know is by testing it.. or learning about it.
  • Until you are.
  • Bye !

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