Episode 56: Finding Time to Learn and Implement Marketing in Your Business? Where to Start!

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In this episode, Matt talks about marketing for non-marketers. There are a lot of people that find themselves in business because of their passion, talents, and just because they do their thing.. their craft. But at some point think, “I would really like to market this business now”.

But that sounds easier said than done. You’re busy! You don’t know much, if anything, about marketing and where to start. Matt has been online for almost 20 years marketing a range of products, services, and businesses. From his offline insurance agency in the early days, as an affiliate for near a decade, his own digital products, memberships, web design services, and more. It’s ingrained in him.

But he doesn’t talk about it much these days (“been there, done that”).. here’s a rare exception. He shares what he thinks about when he’s marketing his business. And his advice to those that don’t have that base of knowledge about marketing.. how to approach it so it’s less stress and how to ‘grow it’ in your business so your business can thrive. Enjoy!


  • Intro
    • About my audio setup
      • New Preset ..
    • About G Hub
    • Why is audio important to me?
  • Why I don’t talk about MARKETING too often.
    • What I did for almost a decade .. related to Marketing and Advertising.
  • Why I decided to make an exception and talk about this topic.
    • A conversation ..
    • I realized I have a blindspot.. I know things I don’t think about others not knowing on the same level.
  • The people that are good at their craft, start a business.. without the marketing background.
    • Having to learn on the fly.. uncomfortable process.
  • All of us have to market ourselves in some way.
    • We need to retain what we have, but we need to plan for the day we need to replace or grow.
  • It’s a TOUGH POSITION to be in ..
    • You’re busy.
    • And where do you start?
    • Filtering out those things that are a ‘waste of time’ ..
    • Staying focused on ‘what you know’ ..
    • My thing is my thing .. others may focus on other things that leverages their strengths.
  • I can’t give you one answer or one path
    • People that are ‘selling’ you something. How they do something..
    • What to watch out for.
  • A lot of this comes down to YOU.
  • Don’t do something you hate.
  • There isn’t a magic pill – it’s going to be hard work.
    • Money
    • A Resource
    • Or time ..
  • The ‘marketing related’ things I personally think about when starting any business.
    • My current business.. what I did and am doing.
    • Am I spending money on advertising?
    • Using advertising strategically.. more targeted reasons.
    • Doing content
    • Networking
    • Building ‘stuff’ ..
    • Example: When I built digital products and had memberships..
      • Building niche, satellite memberships.
      • Scripts and other small products ..
  • Will you do the same thing?
    • Everyone and everything is different..
  • HOW DO YOU LEARN what’s right for you?
    • Test, try things and measure results.
    • It’s a cycle … forever.
  • Being careful how you ‘define' results for yourself.
    • SOMEONE ELSES RESULTS – Can’t necessarily be copied by you.. or should be.
    • Example: My results after ONE YEAR posting on social media every single day.
      • My level of engagement has brought great results.
  • Have my efforts paid?
    • The impact on my sales.
  • Regardless of what you do with marketing, you have to have something of value to sell.
  • Know what you can invest and focus on what works for you..
    • And measuring results.
    • If you’re very busy already.
    • Me, running a busy agency ..
      • Deadline and projects coming..
      • Managing teams..
      • Where’s the podcast fit in? The marketing?
  • It’s magnified when you’ve never done marketing before.
  • First, you have to make it a priority.
    • It’s like working out..
    • I didn’t become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do without making it a priority.
    • You don’t exercise and get in shape without making it a priority.
  • Start investing the time you can..
    • A couple hours a week at first.
  • Start Small and pick SOMETHING.
    • Go deep with it. Learn all you can.
    • Learn as you go..
    • Try it out for a time period; measure results.
  • It may take time to get results depending on where you are and what you’re doing.
  • Tweak, make adjustments..
    • My podcast is my PRIORITY.
      • It’s also part of a process. Steps.
    • Same with any type of marketing.
      • Things you do every day or every week.
    • LESS STRESS systems
      • I block the time.. no stress.
    • No secrets.
  • The only other option is to HIRE.
    • A tip about hiring a VA (virtual assistant)
      • Connecting them to revenue.
  • Otherwise, if it’s just you.. small budget etc..
    • No secret.
    • Calendar, TODOs.. making marketing a priority.
    • IF.. you want to grow and last.
    • Choose, try, measure .. Tweak. Try new things.
    • Find something that works? Go DEEPER.
      • Do more.
    • And you’ll just get better and better over time. NO SECRETS.

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