Episode 52: Project Management, Getting Things Done.. Capture It All & Enjoy Less Stress!

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In this episode, Matt dives into a topic near and dear to his heart: project management and time managementhow to get things done.

He starts out recapping how 2022 is going, networking, and his experience so far with his new VR headset. Then he shares his experience from THE TRENCHES as it relates to the main topic.

A big part of how he manages his day-to-day is having an awesome team to help him in a variety of ways. But, as he discusses, the transition to having a team didn’t mean he got less busy. It just meant he entered a new phase of his business this past year with a new role.

He talks about how he applies ‘Kaizen’, how he tracks time, how he balances and gets stuff done, self-managed teams, agile project management and so much more. And how he applies ‘Getting Things Done’ to his business. Digging into how he captures everything into his business's systems, processes, and documentation.. and how it forms a ‘less stress’ framework. In the end, he shares his vision for the coming years. Good stuff! Enjoy!


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  • Intro
  • More quests coming..
  • Unified Web Design celebrating 3 years in business.
  • Posting content is part of ‘What We Do’.
  • How is ‘networking’ in 2022 going for us??
    • Alignable.. my first impressions.
    • Seeking local events..
    • WordCamp US in San Diego .. hoping to attend in September!
      • Attended WordCamp in 2017
  • My VR Update!!
    • After getting my Quest 2 .. my first few weeks.
    • How I’m already benefiting from it.
    • Apps I’m using: Tripp, Beat Saber, Supernatural ..
      • Meditation / Mindfulness
      • Exercise
    • Business applications
  • TODAYS TOPIC: Project Management & Getting Things Done
    • Project & Time Management become important as your biz grows
    • And always need to revisit
    • Chaos.. with some control.
  • A business person is like an athlete
    • Always working on ourselves and improving
    • Mental / Physical..
    • Teams don’t equal things getting easier..
      • You don’t hire a team so you can do less.
      • You add it as you grow ..
    • It means you move into a new phase in your business..
      • For me that was becoming more of an account/project manager
      • Helping the team
    • Acceptance – accepting your phases
      • Learning to enjoy and accept the role
      • Enjoy the journey
    • Business has become less about Matt
      • Becoming a servant leader
      • I’m there to help my team ..
  • KAIZEN – Continuous Improvement
    • Like an athlete.. always working on yourself.
    • I personally feel good today.. I’m in a good place. But I’m not perfect.. there’s always something to work on.
    • The cycle of improvement
    • New book I’m reading.. first of 2022!
    • I do executive ‘stuff’
      • Learning to become more effective
    • Periodically tracking time throughout the year.
      • To help understand how you’re ACTUALLY using your time.
      • Seeing the chaos..
      • I feel pretty good .. but room for improvement.
    • Importance of blocking time and ignoring distractions ..
      • It’s difficult, but critical
    • Getting insight into days and how I’m blocking time
      • Identifying wasted time.
    • Balance
    • My Approach
      • The Team
      • And what I do
    • I help move things along ..
    • All the OTHER things I do besides projects..
    • THE KEY: Keep it simple and streamlined
      • Capturing it all into your systems, processes and routines.
      • Not all at once.
    • The Book “Getting Things Done”
      • A key takeaway that applies to getting stuff done in your business
      • The benefit in applying this.. LESS STRESS.
    • I don’t stress about stuff because I have it captures somewhere.
  • Using Mind mapping software
    • A way to capture stuff
  • Continuous flow of projects..
    • It’s all captured.
  • Giving things to others.
    • Building the team.
    • Using Scrum
    • Building a team that can manage itself..
      • Anti-micro-manager
      • I trust they are getting stuff done
      • I’m there to help them
    • It’s a less stress approach..
      • I know if people are doing work by what they deliver.
    • Goes hand and hand with good documentation and processes..
  • My daily ‘fly-by'
    • The flow
    • Essential activities routine
    • Keeping an eye on everything ..
    • Starting my day with a quick review..
    • Critical functions keep work flowing..
      • Continuous delivery
      • Daily assignments
      • Daily reviewing work
  • Creating habits
  • All this.. without burning out.
    • Take breaks as you need them.
    • If you can, design this.. balance.
  • You don’t need to work 12 hours a day to get everything done.. if designed right.
  • How I see the FUTURE of my own business
    • Things will change over time..
    • No specific time frame “ I know I’ll get there “
    • Grow our team
      • I have a vision of a team.
    • Just get better at everything including docs, process, systems etc.. at what we do.
    • Why my goals don’t have an exact timeframe.
    • Being really good at what we do NOW
      • Take care of what we have
    • Continuing the content..
    • One day, one client, one project, piece of content.. one episode at a time.

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