Episode 35: Matt’s First Solo Episode on YouTube, Productivity, Choosing Clients, Automation.. and more!

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In this solo episode, I talk about a variety of topics.. My addition of YouTube as a place to post episodes, my experience with Riverside.fm so far. I talk about doing podcasting while trying to run a very busy web design agency business. The challenges there.. and how I'm careful not to add too much to my plate.

I chose a couple of other business-related topics to dig into including ‘choosing your clients', how to let a client go, using tools to improve productivity.. and I end with some news. The closing of Hexater.com's WordPress theme marketplace.. and what the future brings. I hope you join me!


  • Adding YouTube to the mix
  • Experience with Riverside.fm so far
  • Preventing podcasting from being all consuming.. a business in and of itself.
  • Running a busy Agency AND Podcasting
  • Why am I doing podcasting? The Benefits..
  • Moving to Wednesdays – results are in…
  • Benefits of Riverside vs Zoom
  • Needing to focus when managing a busy business.. why I avoided YouTube for so long.
  • Being careful with decisions when you're busy.. the ripple affect.
  • Productivity .. Automation tools to centralize communications
    • Not missing things
    • Making sure everything is captured
  • Controlling who you work with .. eventually gaining control and being able to say ‘no'
  • How to part ways with a clients ..
  • Hexater (our WordPress theme marketplace) now closed
  • Unified Toolkit.. the future.
  • Separating our feelings from our business decisions.. especially as we grow and it has an impact on others.. employees.

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