Episode 31: The Truth About Quitting.. When It’s OK!

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Quitting gets a bad rap. Some people will tell you quitting is never a good thing. But is that true? The truth is there are different types of ‘quitting'. There's a spectrum. And if you quit something it doesn't mean your overarching plans, goals or strategy has to change.

In fact, sometimes quitting can be the strategy. When we are testing something, we need to define when we are quitting. In this episode, I tell the story of products I tried to sell years ago and they didn't work. I quit each attempt, but I didn't quit the idea and eventually succeeded! I'm doing the same thing with this podcast and discuss that.

Don't miss this episode! Learn why micro-quitting.. is a good and healthy thing to do!


  • Introduction
  • Quitting on a Micro-level
    • Try and Test
    • Your attitude matters most
  • My Creative Experience back in the days..
    • Short Report writings
    • Write – Sell – Quit – Try new topic
    • 5 Secrets of Motivation
  • Not giving up with the idea of selling content
    • Finding the right topic
    • Testing the market using PPC
  • AdWords Mentor Community
    • Google Cash
    • Marketplace
  • Writing a report about my experience
    • Realized people liked the topic
    • Launched a Micro-Membership
    • Turned it into an E-book
  • Trusting my gut feeling
  • My podcast idea and journey so far
    • Solo Episodes
    • Started having guest episodes
    • Networking and Relationships made
  • Continuous Experiment
    • Scale Up
    • Try a Different Approach
    • Try Different vertical/niche
  • Failure is a good thing if you learn from it
  • Quitting is not a dirty word


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