Episode 29: Creating Systems & Processes to Achieve Better Results

The Builders episode 29 header with the topic of creating systems & processes to achieve better results. Listen on:


In this solo episode, I'm back at it telling stories from my past. This is the story of how I first learned the power of systems and processes as a literal insurance salesman and how that carried over to my stint as a PPC advertiser, affiliate marketer, creating my own system and processes called “Campaign Blasting“.. to today running a web design agency and teams.

This is without a doubt one of my favorite topics BECAUSE I think it has a significant impact on any business or endeavor. Systems and processes working in concert can help your business or agency become more efficient, consistent, and streamlined. A system is a living thing.. everything under it can be iterated on and improved over time. It's a framework to help you continuously improve. Enjoy the episode!


  • Introduction
  • Systems Process experience back to when I'm in Insurance Business
    • Sales Process – Taking Control
    • Numbers Game
  • Fast forward to doing Internet stuff
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Paper Click Advertising
  • Creating my own system
    • merchant – product – audience
    • testing & get better results
      • consistent prediction of good results
      • scaling & learning things
  • Report turned to an Ebook Guide
    • Campaign Blast Method
  • My business today..
    • agency stuffs
    • systems we have inside our agency
  • Marketing = Scary but a Good Problem
  • Systems vs Process
    • Buses and Trains Analogy
  • How do you systemize your process..
    • Your Product/Service to your client
      • Getting from point A to Z
    • Team communication process
      • Documentation
      • SOP's
    • Hiring process
  • Onboarding clients..
  • The benefits of having a system and process in your business
  • New Product teaser..


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