Episode 129: Exploring New Strategies: The Intersection of Business Priorities and Content Strategy

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In this episode, I delve into the process of navigating change and balancing business priorities while exploring new strategies. I share my journey of starting a new YouTube series on The Builders channel, a venture that was both exciting and challenging. This series was a departure from my usual style, featuring a completely new format and approach. However, the time and effort required to produce these videos led me to reassess their impact on my overall business operations.

I discuss the importance of understanding the full context of your business activities when considering new strategies. This includes acknowledging your baseline operations, the role of marketing, and the need to constantly reassess your strategies to ensure they align with your business goals. I also share my experience of adding a new SEO person to our team, a strategic decision aimed at enhancing our content strategy.

In the process of exploring new content formats, I discovered the tool Veed.io and the benefits of short-form content. This led to a shift in our content strategy, incorporating lessons learned from the phased-out YouTube series. I emphasize the importance of trying new things and pushing your limits, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

I also share my increased respect for YouTubers and the amount of work that goes into creating engaging content. This journey has taught me valuable lessons about time management, the value of presence in content strategy, and the importance of learning from failures or stopped initiatives.

Join me as I navigate the complexities of change, explore new strategies, and provide insights on how to effectively balance business priorities and content strategy. Whether you're a business owner or a content creator, this episode offers valuable insights into managing change and making strategic decisions.


  • Introduction
    • Changes: Executive decisions vs team decisions
    • The role of marketing in our agency
    • Our YouTube strategy
  • About the YouTube Series on The Builders Channel
    • The concept and purpose
    • The new approach and style
    • The topic and length of videos
  • The Challenges with the New Series
    • The time-consuming creation process
    • Balancing video production with business operations
  • The Decision to Stop the Series
    • The questions asked and considerations made
    • The impact on the business
  • The Learning Experience
    • Achieving the goals set for the series
    • The benefits of trying new things
  • The Big Picture
    • Assessing the overall business strategy
    • The importance of the baseline operations
    • The addition of a new SEO person
  • Adding Short Form Content
    • The introduction of Veed.io
    • The benefits of short form content
    • Incorporating lessons from the phased-out YouTube series
  • Takeaways
    • The importance of considering the full context of business operations
    • The value of pushing limits and trying new things
    • The need to balance innovation with business stability
    • The importance of presence in content strategy
    • The value of learning from failures or stopped initiatives
    • Increased respect for YouTubers
  • Applying These Lessons to Your Business
    • How to navigate change and balance business priorities with content strategy
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