Episode 149: Roy Coughlan – A Tale of Resilience, Entrepreneurship, and Becoming a Podcast Coach

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In this riveting episode of The Builders podcast, we sit down with Roy Coughlan, a man whose story is a beacon of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Roy takes us through his remarkable journey, starting from his early days as an entrepreneur in Ireland to becoming an influential podcast coach.

We delve into the highs and lows of his career, exploring how he navigated through significant challenges, including a tough stint in the construction industry and navigating financial hurdles in property investment.

What stands out is Roy's unwavering resilience, as he shares how he overcame personal and professional setbacks and transformed them into opportunities for growth. The episode shines a light on his transition into the world of podcasting, where he conquered his fear of public speaking and embraced meditation for mental clarity and strength.

Roy's expertise and insights into podcasting are not just about techniques but also about the heart and soul that goes into creating impactful content. Join us as we uncover the inspiring story of Roy Coughlan, from enduring hardships to coaching others in the art of podcasting.

Roy Coughlan

Roy Coughlan is an entrepreneur who became a podcast coach.

Podcasting Coach with 5 Podcasts. Speaking Podcast, Awakening Podcast, Meditation Podcast, Learn Polish Podcast (All 4 have gotten to Top 0.5%), The Crypto Podcast (Top 1.5%).

He's helped people create a podcast and get into the top 10% of Podcasts. Helping clients get on the Top Rated Podcasts to promote their business or book. Roy has produced and edited over 1,200 Episodes including over 100 live with top guests like Miki Willis, David Icke, Thomas Renz, Sherry Tenpenny and more.


  • Introduction to Roy Coughlan
    • Background and Early Entrepreneurial Ventures
    • Transition from Construction to New Ventures
  • Facing and Overcoming Challenges
    • Navigating the Economic Downturn
    • Personal and Professional Setbacks
    • Strategies for Resilience and Adaptation
  • Journey into Podcasting
    • Overcoming Public Speaking Fears
    • Embracing Meditation for Mental Strength
    • Launch and Growth of His First Podcast
  • Becoming a Podcast Coach
    • Essential Skills for Successful Podcasting
    • Lessons Learned and Shared
    • Cultivating Authenticity and Engagement in Podcasting
  • Roy's Advice for Aspiring Podcasters
    • Harnessing Personal Experiences
    • Continuous Learning and Innovation
    • Building and Sustaining a Podcast Audience
  • Conclusion
    • Reflections on Roy's Inspiring Journey
    • The Intersection of Resilience, Entrepreneurship, and Podcast Coaching
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