Episode 164: Philippa Gamse – Unlocking Business Opportunities Through Analytics: Discover Your Goldmine

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In this episode, listeners get an insider's perspective on the enigmatic world of website analytics with Philippa Games, a seasoned expert in the field. Philippa demystifies the process of dissecting analytics and leveraging the data to bolster business objectives. Understanding the narratives behind the numbers is her forte, making her insights invaluable for businesses looking to extract actionable steps from overwhelming data sets.

Philippa emphasizes starting with clear business and website goals before diving into the analytics. Customizing tools like Google Analytics four to fit these goals can yield insights into customer behaviors and preferences. Philippa shares fascinating case studies where analytics led to the creation of new products or the optimization of existing processes—demonstrating that with the right analytical approach, data can be transformed into a strategic asset.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every page of your website should have a strategy, and understanding what actions you want visitors to take is crucial.
  • Site search analytics can offer a gold mine of insights into what your audience is looking for, which can drive content and product development.
  • Setting up analytics properly is vital to ensure accurate data collection for meaningful insights.
  • Holistic analysis involving a blend of technical skill and creative thinking can reveal unexpected opportunities for business growth.
  • Consulting with analytics experts like Philippa can help businesses interpret overwhelming data to make informed decisions.

Philippa Gamse

Philippa Gamse, Owners and marketing executives of small to medium-sized companies.

Owners and marketing executives of small to medium-sized companies hire Philippa to find actionable insights in their digital analytics, and to make recommendations that will grow their business and reduce wasted spending, because many are missing those “hidden gems”.

She has over 20 years of experience in translating the metrics into creative ideas to move the business forward and creating effective, data-driven digital strategies designed to achieve goals and maximize return on investment – and all in understandable English, not techy jargon!v


  • Introduction to Analytics and Business Strategy
    • Emphasizing the importance of clear business and website goals before analytics
    • The critical role of customizing analytics tools to align with business objectives
  • The Journey from Archiving to Analytics
    • Philippa's unique transition from a qualified archivist to an analytics expert
    • Insights into the evolution of analytics and the impact of digital transformation on data analysis
  • The Art of Understanding Analytics
    • Overcoming the overwhelm of diving into analytics
    • Strategies for starting with business goals to navigate through the data
  • Maximizing Website Strategy Through Analytics
    • The significance of every page having a strategy and desired visitor actions
    • Case studies highlighting the optimization of website pages based on analytics
  • Unlocking Opportunities with Site Search Analytics
    • Utilizing site search analytics as a source of invaluable insights
      • Understanding customer search behavior
      • Tailoring content and product offerings based on search data
  • The Essentials of Proper Analytics Setup
    • The importance of accurate data collection for meaningful analytics
    • Customizing Google Analytics four for comprehensive data analysis
  • Blending Technical Skills and Creative Thinking
    • Holistic analysis for uncovering unexpected business opportunities
    • Examples of creative solutions derived from analytical insights
  • Leveraging Expertise for Data-Driven Decisions
    • The value of consulting with analytics experts for data interpretation
    • Case studies where expert analysis led to significant business improvements
  • Conclusion and Call to Action
    • Encouraging businesses to approach analytics with a goal-oriented mindset
    • Highlighting the transformative potential of analytics when properly leveraged

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0:00:00How to approach analytics when starting out
0:00:36Importance of defining business goals and outcomes
0:01:10Micro goals and steps towards a purchase
0:02:10Introduction to Philippa Games, an analytics expert
0:02:41Philippa's origin story and background in archiving
0:05:22Interest in technology that helps people make better decisions
0:06:33Click Tracks, an early analytics program for small businesses
0:07:34Google Analytics and the end of Click Tracks
0:08:37The evolution of analytics from basic click tracking
0:09:58Challenges of preserving digital information for archiving
0:11:21The importance of diverse perspectives in problem-solving
0:12:54Transitioning to working for herself in the mid-90s
0:13:25Philippa prefers working for herself and with clients who value partnership.
0:14:13Philippa started her own business to have more freedom and avoid office politics.
0:18:03Philippa discusses the evolution of Google Analytics and the increased complexity of tracking.
0:19:23Philippa explains the challenges and benefits of using Google Analytics 4.
0:21:41Philippa mentions Adobe as a competitor to Google Analytics.
0:24:31Philippa advises starting with a clear business strategy before diving into Google Analytics.
0:26:41Asking questions and customizing analytics to measure important content on longer pages
0:28:05Importance of defining business goals and desired actions on landing pages
0:29:49The significance of linking to products mentioned in blog posts
0:31:43Tracking affiliate links and evaluating their performance
0:32:44Analyzing reasons for high cart abandonment rates in ecommerce
0:34:31Importance of comparing GA4 reports with actual sales data
0:35:23Challenges of tracking sales in affiliate marketing
0:38:01Analytics requires a combination of technical skills and creativity
0:38:44Considering seasonal trends and other external factors in analytics
0:39:24Importance of optimizing call-to-action for better conversions
0:39:24Importance of call to action and optimizing form filling.
0:40:20Using internal site search engine for market research.
0:41:53Importance of using customer-friendly language in content.
0:43:07Example of creating ebooks based on site search data.
0:44:57Finding hidden opportunities through analytics.
0:46:11Importance of quality traffic over quantity.
0:47:21Process of working with an analytics consultant.
0:49:07Initial audit to ensure correct data collection.
0:50:49Importance of aligning website navigation with goals.
0:52:31Using heatmaps to track user behavior on the website.
0:52:23You can prove what you're saying, not just a guess.
0:53:09The search box is a gold mine of information.
0:54:32Reach out to Philippa on LinkedIn or her website.
0:55:24Philippa offers a free ebook with hidden gems for business growth.
0:56:30Thanks for joining, until next time.
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