Episode 48: 6 BIG Takeaways Running My Web Design Agency this Year!.. What’s Next in 2022!

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In the last episode ( last solo episode ) this year, Matt Levenhagen shares 6 big takeaways. These are things that made a big difference, impacted sales, and helped grow his web design agency. One of the great things about a podcast that shares stories from the trenches is that the lessons are relatable and translatable. Take one or a few of these and they could have a positive impact on your business as well! Or serve as a great reminder not to ignore these things.

Networking had a major impact as an example. It’s something everyone can learn to do or apply in some form in their own business to get similar results. Building the team.. trying new things. When hearing them, they may sound too simplistic… Too fundamental. But the fundamentals are easy to let slide. And, done right, can have REAL impacts on a business's success .. Enjoy!


  • Intro
    • Not to underestimate the power of networking.
      • I’ve seen it work..
      • Seeds I planted years ago turned into referrals.. turned into good contracts.
    • Social Media, Consistency Matters
      • We have been posting content every day across all our social this year.
      • Variety, testing a LOT
      • LinkedIn, a big deal this year.
      • Content is getting attention and some engagement
      • Reconnecting with people I haven’t talked to in years
      • How we’re distributing the Podcast
    • Direct Email
      • Did a round of that.. will do it again this year.
    • Patience
      • One of the more important takeaways..
      • It was year 3 where we really blossomed.
      • Year 1 and 2 needed a cushion.. it took time.
      • Have a vision, believe in that vision.. be fluid, be willing to pivot.
      • My 30+ years in business.. leading to this.
    • Building a Team helps .. a LOT.
      • I couldn’t be.. wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without them.
      • I’ve built a great team this year and with it a great foundation to do great things.
      • Past experience running teams helped a lot.
        • Have an agile project management background
        • Was a ScrumMaster for a few years
      • It changed my role in my business
      • You’ll know when it’s time to hire. Don’t have to force it.
    • Try New Things.. you never know what it could do for you or if it’s ‘your thing'..
      • Podcast example..
        • You can learn a lot about yourself.
        • I found ‘my thing’
      • You don’t need to go all in right away and be fancy.
        • Start simple.
      • Direct email example .. I tried it.
  • Next Year – looking to 2022.. what are we going to be doing?
    • More of this podcast!!
    • More Networking..
    • Committed to doing at least 3 events..
      • WordCamp US 2022! in San Diego if all goes well..
      • Goal to go after local business ..
    • Back into the product business w/ Unified Toolkit
    • More of a focus on block development ..
    • Continue to help agencies
    • More direct clients, eCommerce
    • Blocks, blocks, blocks ..
    • We’ll.. still do Shopify! (started taking these projects this year)
  • Conclusion
    • Let’s have a great 2022!!

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