Episode 43: Working “On” the Business, Improving Audio & Video, Recent Agency Lessons & More!

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Today's another solo episode. First, I dig into my efforts around improving this podcast and my video/audio. Just because I can code and am a web developer, doesn't mean I am good at THIS. But I am learning and working hard to slowly improve over time. A big issue for me, even though I have a decent mic, is background noise and static. But hopefully, I'm resolving that!

Beyond that, I talk about working on your business, expanding what I'm doing on YouTube, consistency, and some recent agency lessons! I think this could be a great new segment on my solo episodes… pulling apart and talking about recent lessons in my own agency — from the trenches! Enjoy!


  • Intro
  • Working on my tech today..
    • My mic and webcam improvements. Maybe. haha
    • Different position in my office..
  • Working on your business .. even while busy.
  • Considering doing a personal YT channel
    • Channel evolves with me.. talk about
    • My journey
      • Follow Alongs .. my history
    • Year or so doing video no IG to share my journey..
      • Helping and motivating others through sharing
    • A sherpa to help
    • Doing Follow Alongs – my past experience
  • Consistency
    • Showing up every day
    • Posting content every day
    • I’ve not been as consistent on IG and I can see the effect.
  • Lining up more guests! 5 in the pipeline and more I’ll approach..
  • RECENT AGENCY LESSONS from the Trenches
    • Managing client expectations
      • Not overpromising
      • Constantly communicating
      • Be honest
      • Manage it from the beginning
      • Priorities around happiness – alleviating stress
    • Say no to email
      • Basecamp, Trello, Asana.. Monday.com
      • Example of bad email experience – 3 projects at once for a new client
      • Lean towards project management systems..
    • Rising to the occasion – GDPR feature
    • Designing based on context
  • Off to work on projects..
    • Fixing a cart issue
    • Preparing a client for their Black Friday/Cyber monday promo
    • Catching up with teamwork ..
    • Listening over the weekend for launch commands ..
    • .. and working on some of our own projects.

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