Episode 79: Cristina Samoila – She Shares Her Secrets to Growing a Business Faster & ‘BEEing’ More Productive

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In this episode, I’m joined by Cristina Samoila. She’s unBEElievable ( her website is beeproductive.eu .. see what I did there? :wink: ) at what she does for her clients. She helps businesses create scalable automation, systems and processes inside their business to help them run a smoother, more efficient business that is set to grow faster and smarter.

I have her start telling her story about how she fell in love with all of this. What event happened where she said, “hmmm.. I really love this!”. And how did she turn that into a business helping others implement these things.

She also shares her definitions and provides an analogy that helps us better understand what processes are and how documentation fits into the picture. And towards the end we talk about how business owners can get excited about all this.. hint, it’s not about getting excited about the work involved. Enjoy the episode!

Cristina Samoila

Cristina Samoila is a long-time infopreneur, a devoted mother to her fur babies, and a loving partner.

With over 7 years of experience, Cristina has helped entrepreneurs get back hundreds of hours of their time and scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond.

Guiding entrepreneurs to integrate process building into their everyday routine is her passion. Cristina is a long-time infopreneur, a devoted mother to her fur babies, and a loving partner.


  • Intro
  • Starting with how she landed on caring about systems and processes.
    • Steve Jobs, “I’d rather hire a lazy person because they’ll find a faster way to do something…”
    • Working for a company..
      • Customer service.. learned how to automate part of her job that saved hours!
      • After testing it.. let others know.
      • Then they asked her to look at their other processes..
        • “Be our operations manager..?”
  • The common trait of people who should be entrepreneurs.. working for someone else.
    • Looking deeper into systems, trying to optimize etc..
  • Opened her business out of necessity..
    • Started freelancers.. organic growth. “This is turning into a business”
    • Focus on helping with systems and processes ..
  • Her first company, graphic design agency.
    • Didn’t go well.. knew little about running a biz at this point. Marketing, sales.. newb.
  • Started learning, joining communities.. getting to know people.
  • First client.. went through digital marketing certifications. Has knowledge, asked how to apply it.. anyone willing to be her mentor and she could exchange by helping with operations, systems etc..
    • Someone answered, an agency.. she still works with them today! 4 years later..
    • And her biz grew from there.. added more clients.
  • Biggest challenges when she first talks with a client about systems and processes.
    • How to get people excited to talk about it..
      • Most know they need it..
      • Just not sure how to get it out of their head.. ask the right questions.
      • Some aren’t used to thinking in a structured way.. creative people.
      • People are willing to invest the time..
        • People know there isn’t another way to scale.
        • It requires hard work.
  • DEFINE What systems and processes are.. and how does documentation fit into it.
    • Analogy – the Restaurant Business
      • THIS is a great way to describe it!
    • What are SOPs .. documentation?
      • Any special tools you could use?
      • Your recipes.. your manuals. Repeatable, standardized tasks inside your company.
      • Simple or Complex
      • Where? Best in the cloud.. you could just use Google docs.
      • Clickup
      • Tango – Google Chrome extension that writes SOPs for you. ?
      • An example ..
      • One isolated process.. DISC model.
        • Coach sales people differently depending on where they land ..
      • Podcast process ..
      • The iterative process – live document.
      • How often should you review your documentation, SOPs?
    • Creating Habits
      • Asking questions as a habit when doing things in your business.
    • Tools we use..
      • Most software has native automation built in..
    • How can we make this exciting for people?
      • Her unpopular opinion.. creating this stuff isn’t exciting.
      • They will find the ‘outcome’ exciting ..
        • That’s what makes it worth it.
        • Knowing things take less time.. like onboarding a new employee.
        • Waking up in the morning, you can relax.. things are handled.
        • You can go on vacation.. and don’t have to work in the hotel while others are at the beach.
        • Increase capacity.
        • Open ups more spots to work with more people. SCALE.
      • Little outcomes compound over time.
        • To that image of an entrepreneur on beach sipping margaritas
    • How can you work with her and get in touch?
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