Episode 131: Building Authority Online: Why It Matters & How to Do It

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Welcome to the 131st episode of “The Builders” where I, Matt Levenhagen, your seasoned host and founder of Unified Web Design, delve deep into the why and how of building authority online. We kick things off with a throwback to my humble beginnings, navigating the treacherous waters of early online entrepreneurship, and the stash of old products that paved the way for my business's success today.

I shine the spotlight on an old product – Niche Authority, a pivotal milestone in my journey that shaped my perspectives on online authority. As we weave through my story, we'll be revisiting Episode 1, the very beginning, where we discussed the importance of a strong business identity as the cornerstone of a successful business.

In this episode, we talk about everything from building a compelling website to creating a lasting first impression. We cover why a business, especially an online one, should prioritize website development, and why first impressions often hinge on the quality of your homepage. We delve into the importance of trust-building and presenting an image of authority to your audience, all while keeping things simple and easy to navigate. I'll be sharing personal insights from my journey of building my first website and the lessons I learned along the way.

Finally, we dive into the more technical aspects, including content management, user experience, professional design and how these contribute to a company's image of professionalism and legitimacy. I emphasize the importance of incremental improvements and leveraging relationships for business growth. You'll also get an insider look into search engine optimization and how it contributes to your business's authority.


  • Introduction: Why Authority Matters
    • My Journey & Stash of Old Products
    • Highlight: The Niche Authority Product
  • Building a Strong Business Identity
    • Importance of Identity in Online Business
    • Website Development: The First Step
  • Making a Lasting First Impression
    • The Role of a Good Homepage
    • Importance of Simplicity
  • The Art of Building Trust & Authority
    • Personal Story: Building My First Website
    • The Power of a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)
    • Establishing Team Authority
  • User Experience and Content Management
    • Professional Imagery for Authority
    • Cutting Through the Noise: Avoiding Walls of Text
    • Importance of Professional Design
  • Leveraging Relationships and Testimonials
    • Increasing Your Business's Legitimacy
    • The Power of Testimonials
  • Search Engines and Authority
    • The Role of SEO in Building Authority
    • The Importance of Incremental Improvements
  • Final Thoughts: The Evolution of Your Business's Authority
    • Continual Improvement and Leveraging Relationships
    • The Journey Ahead: Leveraging Future Opportunities

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