Episode 33: Wilson Mattos – Biz Lessons, Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Becoming an Entrepreneur

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In this episode we have Wilson Mattos joining us. He co-founded Rapid Crush, Inc. and serves as its current CEO. Wilson and I first met many years ago at a seminar I spoke at (in 2009). We remained friends and have had some great business adventures together. In this conversation, we start by digging into his roots, where he's from (Brazil), how he came to America, and his journey climbing the corporate ladder to become a business leader and entrepreneur!

We dig deeper into a couple of great topics and he shares some incredible nuggets. We talked about partnerships, how he and Jason Fladlien first met and maintained their partnership for over 10 years. We also talk about his team, culture, and relationships. Good stuff! I hope you take a listen.. enjoy!

Wilson Mattos

Wilson Mattos is an accomplished business leader, investor, and mentor.

Wilson Mattos is an accomplished business leader, investor, and mentor.  He co-founded Rapid Crush, Inc. in 2011, where he serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Wilson also participates as an executive advisor and a board member for several other businesses.

As a brilliant problem solver and skilled negotiator, Wilson has a unique ability to find elegant solutions that overcome the challenges and obstacles found in both business and everyday life. Wilson enjoys public speaking and openly shares his expertise by mentoring others.

Wilson holds a Master of Science in Technology Management degree from Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Wilson’s philanthropic goals focus on contributing to charities that help children. He is an avid sailor and paddleboarder who lives in western Florida with his wife and two sons.


  • Introduction
  • How I know Wilson
  • His background, first love and dream of becoming
    • How it changed his path towards technology
  • Work experience with big tech companies
    • Climbing up the corporate ladder in his late 20's
    • Dealing with bureaucracy
    • His 1994 webserver company story
      • early years of web hosting and websites
      • made him realize becoming a business owner is not what he wants
    • Not a fan of regular company set-up
  • Wil turned out to be the 1st certified Linux Instructor ⭐️
  • January 2007 – Formed his first company
    • Tried a lot of things
    • Finding who he really is – tech guy or a marketer
  • Talking about “Shiny Objects”
    • Depending on how people treat them
    • A turning point seminar
  • Pursuing passion instead of money
    • Love to solve problems
    • “Easy Re-direct Script”
  • Best $700 he made in his entire life
    • Focused on his skill set
    • Invested on himself
    • WordPress plugin
  • “If there is a market, you should serve it. It does not need to be perfect.”
  • Niche solutions are better than big solutions.
  • Mastermind Event
    • Met his business partner – Jason
    • Software they wanted but cannot buy
      • decided to build it himself and sold it
  • January 2011 – Started a company with Jason
    • The start of Rapid Crush Inc.
  • Key to a Good Partnership
    • Complimentary skill set is important but not identical skill set
    • Understanding your partner's role
    • Abundance mentality rather than scarcity mentality
      • not keeping score
    • Ego check
  • Creativity as a key stone to Problem Solving
  • Rapid Crush Inc. Team
    • Surrounding yourself with brilliant people
    • Focus on culture
      • living in a culture of “customers first”
      • staff empowerment
    • Congruence
      • living your values
  • Doland White as an instrumental person in Wil's life
  • Surround yourself with people congruent to your values
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    2 Comment(s)

    1. Doland White Posted on September 10, 2021 Reply

      Great interview with Mr. Mattos ?

      1. Matt Levenhagen Posted on October 11, 2021 Reply

        Glad you enjoyed it Doland! 🙂


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