Episode 11: A Conversation with Doland White

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This is a conversation with the one and only Doland White.

Doland and I met while working at the same company a few years ago.. he was the CEO and I was just one of the web development grunts. 😉 …but no, we built their WordPress business together and he taught me a lot as I helped build the themes and a team of designers and developers.

He's been involved with technology in some shape or form for over 3 decades. He worked at IBM, 11 years at Novell, Symantec.. and other great companies. He started as a programmer, made his way into management and beyond. There is SO MUCH to learn from him!

In this episode, we dig into the business of building a business. How to keep things simple in the beginning, how to put things in place so you don't get overwhelmed, growth vs scaling and so much more!

Doland White

Doland White has dedicated himself to influencing and building extraordinary teams, helping businesses grow by hundreds of millions of dollars, and living the best possible example of executive leadership.

Doland started his career in Los Angeles selling scanners as a commission-only sales representative.

For over 30 years, he has dedicated himself to influencing and building extraordinary teams, helping businesses grow by hundreds of millions of dollars, and living the best possible example of executive leadership.

He has been blessed to work with great organizations and amazing people throughout his career. Today, Doland is blessed to serve as the Chief Operating Officer for Brave Thinking Institute.

Currently, he lives in Torrance, California with his wife Linda, surrounded by his amazing family and lifelong friends.

If you would want to connect with him on LinkedIn, be sure to tell him you listened to this podcast (so that he knows it is not a random connection invite.)


  • Introductions
  • Doland's Background .. 30+ years in the tech world.
    • Started out as a chef.. for 13 years.
    • Then got into technology..
      • Wrote software in the 80s ..
      • IBM, 11 years at Novell, Symantec..
    • Then got into management.
    • Ran large teams, big sales quotas
  • To manage people you have to understand business. And why that is..
    • Back to school… studied finance, leadership, marketing. To get better.
  • Traveled to 13-14 countries teaching.
  • Eventually found himself at Rapid Crush, Inc… became CEO.
  • Did some consulting for a year+.
  • And is now at Brave Thinking Institute.

  • Jim Kwik‘s S3 – Simple, Small Steps (11:00)
    • Became part of Doland's methodology for a long time.
    • What can I do today to move one step closer to my goals…?
    • Record your wins.. start your day with a win.
    • Limit for goals each day.
    • Break it down to days.. instead of one BIG goal far in the future.
  • Just getting started .. instead of leaning on your comfortable crutch
  • Learning how to ‘stretch'.. do something you've never done.
  • A conversation with my Dad.. The 5 managerial functions
    • If you try and do all of them, you'll go nuts.
    • My rebuttal.
  • The difference between leading and managing.
    • There are times you have to lead and times you have to manage..
  • Solopreneurs and small businesses
    • Delegating – “I no longer do that”
    • Freeing you up to do something else.
  • Getting Things Done“.. mention.
  • You have to do this.. you have to get up at 5am …. “No you don't”
  • Time Boxing / Leveraging Your Calendar
    • As your business shifts.. re-allocate those blocks of time.
  • Atomic Habits” .. mention.
  • I have to write a 1 year, 3 year, 5 year business plan… “No you don't”
    • Focus on shorter time frames
  • Growth vs Scaling a business
  • Phases when you shouldn't delegate..
    • Project Management.. is relationship management.
    • Being careful not to replace yourself and damage a relationship
    • People you've built relationships with
  • Good ways to introduce new people to work with your clients..

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