Episode 100. “Doland White – Role of a COO, Finding Balance, Bob Proctor’s Influence & Making Music w/ Dave!

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In our 100th episode, I’m rejoined by Doland White! He was the first guest that took a chance on me. This is his 4th time back! As always, we had a ton of fun. I don’t think I laughed so much on an episode. But through that, we dove into some really great topics and he dropped gold.

We start by talking about the company he works for, Brave Thinking Institute. Their mission statement is, “We empower people to create and live a life they love.” They teach people how to build and bring dreams to life and have certified over 4500 life coaches that are out there in the world helping others.

We talk about his role there as ‘Chief Operating Officer’ (COO). What does that all entail? How does he help operationalize their strategies? What experience has he brought to the table and what does he think about this role? I found this most interesting because from a business owner's perspective, these are roles we may have in our own companies or will need to fill someday.

We touch on time management and maintaining relationships while being busy in our day to day. What can we do to make sure we don’t lose touch with those that we care about and are grateful for? I had him talk a bit about his personal relationship with Bob Proctor. He shares what was it like meeting him for the first time and his personal relationship with him off-stage.

And finally, we land on something I’ve wanted to talk to him about since the first episode. His music! Turns out he is part of a group called, “Dave and Doland”. His and Dave’s relationship with writing and creating music goes back 30 years. They even have songs on the radio! How did they meet? And what does music mean to him? So many insights in this episode.. enjoy!!

Doland White

Doland started his career in Los Angeles selling scanners as a commission-only sales representative.

For over 30 years, he has dedicated himself to influencing and building extraordinary teams, helping businesses grow by hundreds of millions of dollars, and living the best possible example of executive leadership.

He has been blessed to work with great organizations and amazing people throughout his career. Today, Doland is blessed to serve as the Chief Operating Officer for Brave Thinking Institute.

Currently, he lives in Torrance, California with his wife Linda, surrounded by his amazing family and lifelong friends.

If you would want to connect with him on LinkedIn, be sure to tell him you listened to this podcast (so that he knows it is not a random connection invite.)


  • Intro
  • Having someone in your personal life that supports you.
  • About Brave Thinking Institute
    • Focuses on .. teaching people how to build and bring dreams to life.
    • Life Coach certifications – 4500 coaches out there.
    • Bob Proctor ..
    • Mission statement: “We empower people to create and live a life they love.”
  • His role – COO
    • What does he do?
    • No two days alike
    • Operationalize strategies
      • Works with all 8 departments
      • Measuring what they do.. the decisions good?
  • His background recap ..
    • How that ties into what he does today.
    • Continuous learning even today
  • How he manages time and keep focused on relationships.
    • The importance of having fun. changes your physiology.
  • Matt sharing the importance of having fun.. being ‘that’ guy.
    • Listening to your body
  • Making room and Maintaining relationships
  • Doland’s relationship with Bob Proctor
    • Who was Bob?
    • No such thing as luck
      • Intentionality, what people call luck.. paradigms.
    • “When all else fails.. do the work.”
  • Dave & Doland – how they got their start.
    • Writing songs and musical background
    • “Dave plays guitar.. and Doland play piano” .. you should get together.
    • On the radio, recently released a single
    • Their aspirations.. they would love their songs to be picked up by another artist.
  • Finding other passions to take your mind off problems and business.
    • Games, music, golf ..
    • Circling back to finding that balance ..
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